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0700-3511-751   80 s Arcade Graphics Glam Coat
0700-3507-723   80 s Pattern Glam Coat
0550-6101BU   Aaron Hoodie
0400-8100-RP   Afternoon Tea Dress
0375-8821-PS   Albert Vest
0595-8611RB   Andretti Suit
0300-8726-RB   Andretti Tank
0100-2210-BLU   Animal Farm Minky Muscle Tee
0575-8810-BLU   Animal Farm Minky Snuggle Suit
0200-8412-AFP   Animal Farm Pink
0495-8257-YP   Annabelle Dress
0450-7500-PK   Apple-A-Day Dress
0190-7500-BLA   Apple-A-Day Harness
0190-7500-PKA   Apple-A-Day Harness Dress
0300-7500-BLA   Apple-A-Day Tank
0595-8612-NW   Archibald Snuggle SuitArchibald Snuggle Suit
0375-8610-NW   Archibald Vest
0155-8901-PLD   Ashley Bloomers
0475-8710-PG   Ashley Dress
0135-8710-PG   Ashley Hair Barrette
0450-8712-YB   Baby Bumble Dress
0550-8620-YB   Baby Bumble Hoodie
0550-6100-BL   Baby Hoodie - blue
0550-6100-PK   Baby Hoodie - pink
0135-8118-RW   Baby Lady Bug Barrette
rrc-0450-9201-RWY   Baby Lady Bug Dress
rrc-0385-9201-RWY   Baby Lady Bug Overalls
0135-6100-YP   Baby Piggy Barrette
0125-6100-LBY   Baby Rocking Horse
0595-8625-BL   Baby Snuggle Suit in Blue
0595-8625-PK   Baby Snuggle Suit in Pink
0300-6100-BL   Baby Tank - blue
0300-6100-PK   Baby Tank - pink
0135-6100-YB   Baby Teddy Barrette
0300-8707-BB   Barney Tank
0200-8801-BH   Be Mine Blue Thermal Tee
0475-8603-PB   Be Mine Dress
0135-8603-PB   Be Mine Hair Barrette
0200-8801-PH   Be Mine Pink Thermal Tee
0300-6101-TRB   Bed of Roses Tank
0475-8505-PLB   Bella Dress
0450-8707-PB   Betsey Dress
0135-8707-PB   Betsey Hair Barrette
0155-8402-BWD   Bijou Bloomers
0485-8402-BWD   Bijou Dress
0900-8501-BLS   Blue Candy Stripe Reversible Trench
0575-8805-BC   Blue Delicious Snuggle Suit
0200-8512-BL   Bobby Tee
0700-3500-687   Bohemian Glam Coat
0600-1110-AQU   Bon Bon Aqua Sweater
0600-1110-BRN   Bon Bon Chocolate Brown Sweater
0600-1110-ROS   Bon Bon Rose Sweater
0600-1120-BLK   Bones Black Sweater
0600-1120-RED   Bones Red Sweater
0350-2405-SKP   Bones Ruffle Tank
0300-2405-SKB   Bones Tank
0400-8201-LB   Boudoir Dress
0450_Boudoir_Summer_Dress   Boudoir Summer Dress
0475-8321-RCH   Bridgette Dress
0900-8806-BNO   Brown Riding Coat
0300-6102-BLW   Bucking Bronco Tank
0485-8601-AW   Buckingham Wedding Dress
0300-8301-PLD   Buffy Tank
0450-8412-WPB   Bunny Love Summer Dress
0325-8412-WPB   Bunny Love Summer Tank
0100-2200-WL   Butterfly Kisses Tank
0600-1115-GRY   Cable Knit Grey Sweater Dress
0475-8806-PK   Camilla Dress
0325-8412-BL   Camo Blue American Summer Tank
0300-2303-BL   Camo Blue American Tank
0325-8412-GN   Camo Green American Summer Tank
0300-2303-GN   Camo Green American Tank
0400-8205-RL   Carmen Dress
0300-8510-WBT   Catalina Tie Tank by Ruff
0375-8710-BG   Chad Vest
0475-8406-PBK   Chantal Dress
0385-8705-RG   Charlie Overalls
0475-8431-BW   Checkmate Dress
0300-8606-BW   Checkmate Tank
0475-8265-WS   Cheers Dress
0125-7200-CBG   Cheese Burger Plush Toy with Squeaker
0375-8712-BT   Chelsea Brown Tan Corduroy Vest with Gold Buttons
0495-8251-PLB   Chelsea Dress
0500-8101-CHP   Cherry Ruffle Hoodie - Pink Cherry Print, White Lace
0400-8101-CHP   Cherry Ruffle Dress
0135-8210-CB   Chocolate Bear Hair Barrette
0190-8525-PB   Chocolate Kiss Harness
0190-8525-CL   Chocolate Leopard Harness
0110-8500-BB-L   Chocolate Snuggle Sack - large
0110-8500-BB-OLA   Chocolate Snuggle Sack - large with Adjustable Strap
0475-8605-RD   Christmas Cocoa Dress
0550-8605-RD   Christmas Cocoa Velour Hoodie
0135-8426-GBR   Christmas Cup Cake Barrette
0375-8608PB   Chuck Vest
0450-8309-PK   Claire Dress
0700-8505-PP-01   Coco Boucle Glam Coat
0700-8505-BM   Coco Boucle Mint Glam Coat
0700-8505-BP   Coco Boucle Pink Glam Coat
0900-8505-PKL   Coco Boucle Reversible Trench
0900-8505-PB   Coco Boucle Reversible Trench - Pink & Black (w/ Black Flower Pin)
0100-2100-PH   Coco Bow Pink Crystal Tank
0110-8718-PP-L   Coco Bow Pink Snuggle Sack - large Original
0110-8718-PP-LA   Coco Bow Pink Snuggle Sack - large with Adjustable Strap
0110-8718-PP-OS   Coco Bow Pink Snuggle Sack - small Original
0110-8718-PP-OSA   Coco Bow Pink Snuggle Sack - small with Adjustable Strap
0110-8718-BB-OL   Coco Bow Quilted Snuggle Sack - large
0110-8718-BB-LA   Coco Bow Quilted Snuggle Sack - large with Adjustable Strap - Black Lining
0110-8718-BP-LA   Coco Bow Quilted Snuggle Sack - large with Adjustable Strap - Pink Lining
0110-8718-BB-OS   Coco Bow Snuggle Sack - black/black
0100-2100-BL   Coco Bow Tank - blue
0100-2100-PK   Coco Bow Tank - pink
0100-2100-BWR   Coco Bow White Crystal Tank
0110-8718-BP-SA   Coco Bow® Snuggle Sack - black/pink with Adjustable Strap
0160-2100   Coco Bow® Wrist Clutch
0120-2100-LG   Coco Bow® Quilted Blankie - large
0120-2100-MD   Coco Bow® Quilted Blankie - medium
0120-2100-TC   Coco Bow® Quilted Blankie - teacup
0110-8718-BP-OL   Coco Bow® Quilted Snuggle Sack - large
0110-8718-BB-SA   Coco Bow® Snuggle Sack - black/black with Adjustable Strap
0110-8718-BP-OS   Coco Bow® Snuggle Sack - black/pink
0300-2302-BL   Commando Tank (Blue)
0300-2302-PK   Commando Tank (Pink)
0725-8516-CC   CooCoo Cow Slicker Coat
0475-8506-PPB   Coquette Dress
0450-8420-PLD   Courtney Dress
0130-3900-SL   Crystal Bow Brooch
0110-8510-BC-LA   D is for Denim Snuggle Sack - Large Adjustable
0110-8510-BB-L   D is for Denim Snuggle Sack - Large Original
0135-8201-DA   Daisy Hair Barrette
0475-8311-PG   Dancing Queen Dress
0700-3510-714   Danish Floral Glam Coat
0375-8612-BW   Dapper Vest
0700-8703-PP   Darla Coat
0475-8703-PP   Darla Dress
0135-8703-PP   Darla Hair Barrette
0550-6200-PK   Dazzle Hoodie
0400-8303-PFL   Delilah Dress
0450-8402-SKB   Desiree Dress
0700-3513-760   Diagonal Plaid Glam Coat
0450-8412-ANM   Diva Summer Dress
0325-8412-ANM   Diva Summer Tank
0200-8412-ANM   Diva Thermal
0400-8203-LB   Dolce Vita Dress
0375-8611-BW   Don Draper Vest
0200-8408-BWD   Dorian Tux
0450-8710-PP   Dubble Bubble Dress
0300-8725-BP   Dubble Bubble Tank
0485-8701-WT   Duchess Wedding Dress
0700-3250-745   Edie Glam Coat
0375-8605-GP   Edinburg Wool Gabardine Vest
0375-8607-BP   Edward Vest
0450-8509-PD   Ellie Dress
0550-8509-PD   Ellie Hoodie Pink
0550-8509-AD   Elliot Hoodie Blue
0385-8509-AD   Elliot Overalls
0475-8607-BP   Emily Dress
0475-8607-CBM   Emily Mint Coco Boucle Dress
0475-8607-CBP   Emily Pink Coco Boucle Dress
0375-8712-NB   Ethan Navy Corduroy Vest with Gold Buttons
0800-6500-BLK   Fabulous Coat - black
0800-6500-PK   Fabulous Coat - pink
0400-8206-PB   Fairytale Dress
0475-8307-PD   Farrah Dress
0475-8418-PLD   Fashion School Dress
0500-8418-PLD   Fashion School Hoodie
0140-8500-BLK   Faux Mink Stole - Black
0140-8500-PK   Faux Mink Stole - Pink
0140-8500-LEP   Faux Mink Stole Pink Leopard
0140-8500-WHT   Faux Mink Stole White
0350-8715-PP   First Pooch Ruffle Tank
0300-8715-BL   First Pooch Tank
0900-8806-FMO   Flame Riding Coat without Harness Opening
0600-1121-FBS   Fleur de lis Blue Stripes Sweater
0600-1121-FGS   Fleur de lis Green Stripes Sweater
0600-1121-FPS   Fleur de lis Purple Stripes Sweater
0450-8711-YP   Flower Power Dress
0135-8205-PD   Flower Power Hair Barrette
0700-3502-695   Flowers Glam Coat
0300-8514-RWB   Flying Ace Tank
0700-3000-737   Francis Glam Coat
0375-8815-LP   Frankie Vest
0375-8720-RWB   Franklin Vest
0600-1130-EPB   French Collar Eggplant Color Block Sweater
0600-1130-OGB   French Collar Orange Green Color Block Sweater
0600-1130-RTB   French Collar Rose Teal Color Block Sweater
0600-1130-WRY   French Collar White Red and Yellow Stripes Sweater
0130-3500-NT   Fresh Water Pearl Necklace - Natural
0130-3500-PK   Fresh Water Pearl Necklace - Pink
0200-8412-FLW   Frutti Love Thermal Tee
0450-8108-PC   Gelato Dress
0135-8108-PC   Gelato Hair Barrette - pink/brown
0135-8108-YA   Gelato Hair Barrette - pink/yellow
0135-8108-YB   Gelato Hair Barrette - yellow/blue
0500-8108-CLB   Gelato Hoodie - blue
0500-8108-PC   Gelato Hoodie - pink
0485-8815-LP   Gia Dress
0110-8815-LP-OS   Gia Snuggle Sack
0110-8815-LP-L   Gia Snuggle Sack - large
0475-8604-PB   Gigi Dress
0300-2400-RB   Grand Prix Tank

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